Home Appliances we use in out homes fall in the category of home automation products used in our living rooms, bath rooms and kitchens. Before buying these hole appliance products the buyers need to know some of the interesting facts in order to get the best value for the money. Buying the right home appliances save people a bunch of money as well as energy. Unfortunately appliances buyers seldom take time to know the history of these appliances and they always read the product manuals that come along with the purchase which is considered to be a mandatory one. In general home appliances include mainly air conditioner, blender, cloth dryer, dishwasher, freezer and many more products that can not be listed here. With the awareness of more green environment appliances of the present times have to comply the environmental standards which are mandatory in many countries across the world. The compliance of CFL in the air conditioners and freezers look to be a series issue for the present manufacturers without which the companies cannot sell products to the global consumers. More importantly the aspect of safety is a matter of great concern to the consumers as well as the State administrators. Buyers need to be watchful while buying these products especially from the online stores.