The term personal computer is an age old one as we all live presently in the world of Computers. Like food is for the body, computer is for the mind and work.This simple statement explains the importance of computers in our personal as well as business life. Like out blood stream in our body , the stream of information is vital for business operations. In the present context life without computers is unimaginable for all of us. Computers have penetrated in every area of our life like health care, IT, engineering, biology. Law and so on. It is very hard to find the area where computers have not penetrated. Getting computers is more easy in the present times as one can buy from innumerable online stores from the World Wide Web. Interestingly the advancements that take place in the area of computer manufacturing is quite phenomenal. To be very precise the product life cycle in term of models is simply awesome . The concept of absoluteness enters even before the warranty period expires for the buyers. Hence one needs to be cautious while buying the computers from normal or from online stores. Also one has to admire the genealogy found in the family of computers that has started from personal desktop computers. Laptop computers and the present PC tablet computers.

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